Dear Prudence (A Letter to my Son)

Dear Louis,

You’re nine years old today: not even into double figures but you’re beyond your years, so you’ll understand this advice: exercise prudence.

Make the most of what you have: childhood for now. Enjoy it.

Grow up well son: I know you will.

Sorry I can’t be there all the time but all the time, I love you.

Don’t do what I did, nor follow me as an example. Look at me as an example of what not to do and what I don’t want you to become. Do better; I know you can.

Smoking kills you and others around you. So do drugs and drinking. And gambling too: I’ve done them all and more besides. Don’t go down that road: I’m not a good example to follow and it’s not a nice road.

I’ve not done a good job of being a father but I’m yours I’m afraid: stick with me please.

Avoid the snake and look out for the ladder.

Always your Dadda xxxxxxxxx

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