Doctor’s Note

I couldn’t be with Louis (my son) today on his birthday.I’m staying with my mum and dad whilst I’m in rehab. Communications have broken down between them and my kids’ mum (my ex-wife) because of me and as a result, mum and dad didn’t get Louis’ birthday presents to him. They have presents at their place for him and the kids are due to visit on the weekend of 21-22 December (I have restricted, supervised access because of my alcoholism and record of violence).

Louis is a massive Doctor Who fan and he’ll be getting a sonic screwdriver and various other bits when he visits.So that my boy had at least something on his actual birthday though, I sent him this:

Inline image 1
The Doctor
All the time

Dear Louis,

I know it’s your birthday today: I know everything though!
I wanted to give you some presents but you know how the TARDIS malfunctions sometimes? I landed at your nanny and granddad’s house (oops!). Couldn’t stay but I’ve left you some things: hope you like them.
Happy birthday.
The Doctor.

One thought on “Doctor’s Note

  1. He bought it: loved it in fact, according to his mum.

    Our son is a bit of a control freak: likes to walk around with a clip board, make up train timetables; that kind of thing. And as I’ve said, he’s a big Doctor Who fan.

    So as well as a sonic screwdriver, I’ve got him T.A.R.D.I.S and Dalek key rings. I asked her if he could have a key to their front door but she didn’t think it wise. With hindsight, I agree.

    So the key rings will be going onto a – er – key ring and I’ve found a random old key to put on there as well: a key to the T.A.R.D.I.S.


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