Hits You Between the Eyes

Last night the Duty Manager at Tonbridge Station bought me fish and chips for dinner: thanks Jay. I also got a lovely call from one of my old Bexley mates and it was appreciated. She believes me; she believes in me.

To all the others who’ve slagged me off and judged me on Facebook and elsewhere, you just don’t get it. I often recall little of what I’ve said and done because of blackouts (try one one day: I hope you don’t have to). Once I’m better and out on the other side, perhaps I’ll choose my friends more wisely: those who don’t judge or give each other (and me) ill-informed advice. It was never any help.

One thought on “Hits You Between the Eyes

  1. I’ll be interested if you moderate this comment and allow it in.
    Fred, I’m one of your oldest friends, and I have not once slagged you off.
    I have offered help, advice and have reached out to a person I know who works in Outreach in Hastings. He told me about your situation and that you had done nothing to help yourself.
    This Custard Bunkey stuff needs to stop, seriously. You need to get a grip on your reality and try and sort yourself out with help.
    You know where to get hold of me if you need to to chat Fred, but your denials and blame on everything but your own problems are getting old.


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