My Name is Luca

Just got this: someone gets me…

Hi Fred, didn’t want to put this on FB so thought I would message you privately coz I really don’t want to fall out with anyone but I am with you on this one. All these negative and sometimes horrible comments are completely unnecessary and can’t be helping you at all. You have had so much advice over the past few days and weeks that you are probably not listening to any of it now. For what it’s worth I may as well say my bit too. People will now comment on what has been happening positive and negative but I would suggest that you no longer fuel these discussions by replying and trying to justify yourself. Just concentrate on what you have to do for your recovery and keep us posted on just the positive things that you are doing to help yourself. Tell us when you have been to your detox, job centre, housing, etc but leave the love life and the rest of it for your blog and those that are interested will read it. Chin up mate. You can do it – you must do it for your children. Good luck for tomorrow. xxx

5 thoughts on “My Name is Luca

  1. Not quite sure I can tell the difference between this comment and the myriad of comments trying to help you on Facebook. But, anyway, if you “get” this one, maybe you’ll heed it?
    I hope so Fred.


  2. I agree Dave. This comment is only saying what we’ve all suggested, repeatedly, none of which has been heeded and hence why the messages of support have turned gradually into messages of frustration. And although this message was originally written in private, Fred, you have merely chosen to make it a public ‘affirmation’ that someone ‘gets you’, rather than understanding the pain you are causing your family and trying to take steps to sort it out. I’m sorry if that seems negative to those who don’t realise how long this has been going on, and with such drastic consequences along the way, but I would call it realistic. I’m sorry Fred, but denying what trouble you have got yourself into and feeding off people who ‘get you’ is not working and is giving you a falsely elevated belief in your situation. From one who still cares, believe it or not. L


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