I Am Sam

(One of my favourite films).


Missed CRI today as I slept in, for once. Going back on Monday.

Spent most of today in the library, reading and writing (as you do in such a place).

Saw my mate Sam, who put me straight on a few things (including my Custard): Apparently people have been talking (they do that). Looks like she and I are doing this alone then. I still miss my baby; it takes time to get over someone who broke your heart.

But Sam bought me food: he knows where I am as he was there himself once. I’m sorting things out, starting on Monday (just the weekend to get through).

New contributions in the journal:

“Tonight I met some lovely girl named Penelope 🙂 (and barbara): she’s the nicest girl in the world”.

“And some brilliant girl, Jill! Alright m8!? :)”

Then Florance drew me a dolphin and two of the others drew faces, saying “Hi”. One shall henceforth be known as Grin and the other Boggle: such a shame I can’t upload the drawings here.

Another addition to the notebook is Four non-blondes: a picture of four blonde girls, drawn by four blonde girls: my novel is becoming over-populated but I enjoy meeting people and collecting their pictures, sentiments and signatures.

Next was Marlena and I wrote her a poem:

Jumped on a train.

Was talking to me

until I pointed out

her train was in.

And then she was gone.

It seems she tore herself away.

Another day,


The latest

brief romance.

From Sophie:

“Smile: the lovely one”.

A picture of a girl.


“Remember me Steve!

“The stars are always watching you.

“xxxxxxxxxx :)”

From Ben:

“I fucking love U bruv. Respect U innit!?”

From Tilly:

“Tilly loves you ❤ xxx”

From Charlee:

“Charlee wrote this when she was drunk <3”

From Josh:

“All the best mate :)”

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