The Past Will Always Catch up on you

Or in my case, overtake me it seems.

The advocates of cruel-to-be-kind and tough love are sadly misguided in my opinion. Or maybe it’s me that’s misguided? As I’ve said before, I don’t know any more. I know a lot: I’m intelligent and I’ve been complimented on that attribute (and my articulate way of expressing myself, my sharp wit and so on) but also told (by a professional psychologist) that that very quality is an affliction; a poisoned chalice. I was told by that very same psychologist to assume that those who doubted me were below me (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). But I respect my naysayers, even if it’s not reciprocated. I’m ill; I’m troubled. Never mind: I’m helping myself.

I’m reading New Scientist again (it’s a weekly publication) and in this issue I’m learning abut road-building in Africa (to improve the economy and society in general), brain training, wormholes, electrons , evolution and the limits thereof, more on quantum mechanics and life-blogging. I’m reasonably well-educated anyway (grammar school) but I’m a sponge with a thirst for knowledge and New Scientist, Focus, Wired and National Geographic etc. feed my craving.

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