Kickstart Small Spark


Firstly, something to clear up: the reports of my premature demise. I’ve now spoken to many and varied people and it turns out that someone – it could be one of a number who know my iPhone passcode) – “borrowed” my phone, as I had credit on there: it was used. During this period the texts were sent to my ICE contacts. Perhaps this person thought they were doing me a favour but instead I was accused of this being my “latest ruse” to gain attention. It explains also why I didn’t receive the calls offering me accomodation, as I didn’t have my phone. By the time it was returned, there was no remaining credit so I couldn’t return all of the missed calls.

This is the truth as I was keen to prove my innocence to my doubters and therefore undertook a lot of research to get to the bottom of things. Anyone who still doubts me, just go.

By contrast, I got a call this morning from the mum of a girl I met recently: she’s not affiliated with any organisation but she has contacts within charities, churches and other useful organistions. I shall refer to her as “M”.

M is moving me out of Gilbert Arse next week and has offered to store my surplus clothes. Initially accomodation will be a church winter shelter scheme, which is a bed for the night, a hot meal and washing facilities. This will be in Tunbridge Wells where a group of churches and charities run various schemes, including the winter shelter, soup kitchens and so on. M is also going to provide practical help: having given up because of all the hoops to jump through to gain benefits and housing (me, not her), M is going to give me direction. She’s offered to drive me to Tunbridge Wells and buy me a rail ticket: all of this just does out of kindness. She’s the kind of person who re-instills my faith in human nature.

Something else I was very grateful for today was a friend who came to find me in the library and who gave me money for a meal. I don’t name names because I don’t want to embarrass people; neither do I want them bad mouthed by the doubters. She knows who she is though and I’m touched be her generousity. Thanks my friend.

I’ve noticed recently that anything I eat or drink tastes rather bland. Having consulted a doctor, it turns out I’ve lost my sense of smell after the bottle in the nose which I was the recipient of a couple of weeks ago. These things being connected, my sense of taste is also impaired. Given some of the things I’ve been eating, I’m not sure if this is a curse or a blessing.

With the support of my CRI keyworker, I’m applying for a “Small Sparks” grant: this pays up to £200 for something to aid one’s recovery (say a bike to get around); I’ll be applying for a laptop or notebook to aid my writing, research, job applications, online entrepreneurialism and so on.

It’s a small spark but it’s a kick start.

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