The Life of the Book


Having typed up the notes from the journal on this blog in the library, it’s here where I’ve remained. It’s warm and dry; and educational. I’m currently reading The Guardian and The Life of the Book. The latter is by Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt from the reference section on print.

A while ago I let out a rather large yawn and a lady I’m sharing a table with (Jo; the lady, not the table) asked why I didn’t go home: I replied that I don’t have one at the moment.

Again, this is a transitory situation; not by choice and I am receiving help. The time of year has not helped and there have been other circumstances which have conspired to delay the process and my progress.

Jo commented that I don’t look homeless. Obviously the many layers of clothes I wear to protect against the cold and the various other bits I carry around are considered either normal or eccentric. In any case, Jo said I look clean and smart (I do have standards to maintain) and I’m managing to preserve what has previously been observed as a good dress sense (current attire is Top Man Skinny Fit jeans and a Ralph Lauren polo shirt). I don’t follow fashion; I make my own (and occasionally even start trends).

I don’t want to be homeless. I didn’t choose to be but am largely a victim of circumstance (which many dispute). I am not self-pitying, nor seeking attention; I’m just here, for now, getting better and standing on my own two feet.

Among the many self-help things I’ve been doing is arranging to meet a slef-appointed helper: more on that in later posts. Alas the tentatively promised job didn’t materialise but ever the entrepreneur, once I have a base, I have money-making ideas: not pipe dreams but things I can do alongside any work I may secure. The latter may be voluntary at first (I value job satisfation over money), with the money coming from one of my planned schemes. I may be at a low ebb but I still have charm and charisma, as has been commented upon by the partners I’ve somehow gained. I shouldn’t have a problem getting a job once I have a base.

I’m pretty much off of medication now and my alcohol consumption is vastly reduced: I’m on the path. I just need the home, the job and the people to meet me at the end of that path: I know who’ll be there; I know who won’t and I know who I don’t want there.

As I’ve said so many times before, this journal and blog are my way of keeping busy, keeping interested parties informed and recording the progress of an individual who has faced personal struggles. Despite negative comments from certain quarters, many of my followers find the story interesting. Then there’s the potential publication to explore further, once this process is complete.

Tonight’s dinner will be another sausage casserole invention, as I dine by candle light at Gilbert Arse.

So that’s my life; hopefully one day in a book.

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