The Best of Both Worlds


In the library again and reading The Guardian and the new issue of New Scientist. This week’s learning from the latter:

  • The reawakening of the Rosetta comet-chasing spacecraft after a three year enforced slumber. The article is on page 42
  • Vertical farms
  • Connected cars
  • Moth drones
  • More on multiverses (parallel universes)

I met with M today and she’s fast becoming a guardian angel. We spoke in depth about my situation and the frustrations I’ve experienced in trying to sort things out (that has been previously documented here). I admit that I’ve buried my head in the sand at times as I’ve felt like I was otherwise banging against the proverbial brick wall but she is going to give me direction; not do everything for me as I have to help myself but make introductions and point me.

The prospect of the Tunbridge Wells Shelter scheme unnerved me a little as it only operates at night. I have a routine in Tonbridge and places where I go to keep busy and keep me mostly dry. M agrees that I’m better off in Tonbridge during the day, so they’re providing me with rail and bus tickets to travel between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, more or less at will. If I were to spend the day in a relatively alien environment, there’s a chance I could mix with fellow shelter residents and relapse: M agrees.

So the day will be spent in Tonbridge (probably in the library, reading and writing), then I’ll travel to Tunbridge Wells to spend the night. I’ll get a hot meal, a bed and washing facilities in a warm, dry and safe environment. Then in the mornings I travel back to Tonbridge. I need to anyway to attend CRI meetings (I put my Small Sparks application in today for the netbook / tablet, so fingers crossed).

I was also slightly worried about having to be into shelter by a certain time in the evening and needing a fix. Although I’ll have plenty to keep me busy in there, this was a slight concern. It turns out that I’m free to leave if I feel that I need to – during the evening, rather than wait until the morning – and travel back to Tonbridge if I can’t hack it. I don’t envisage this happening but it’s reassuring to know that I have the freedom: it’s not a prison.

And of course all of this will lead to me becoming fully rehabilitated and getting my life back in some form.

I got the clothes package from the ex-Mother ship today, along with a letter, which basically said not to visit, phone, email or contact them in any form: suits me to be honest.

Who said I wasn’t bi-polar? Some have even suggested I’m psychotic:

Bi-polar: the best of both worlds.

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