Alright Now

28.01.14 (still)

When I popped into Sainsbury’s earlier, I thought I’d check on their water: yesterday it was still water and today it’s still water; so that’s nice. They’ve labelled it and everything.

I’ve been working on the book and on Gilbert House Publishing: both are going well but both require a fuck load of work. That will keep me busy and at the moment I’m working on average 14 hours a day: 14 working, six sleeping and the remaining four in rehab; socialising and eating. Working is writing, reading, researching and sorting out the practical stuff.

I’m sorted (or getting sorted). If anyone needs a character reference, speak to my mate Becca, who knows me better than most it would seem (it would seem that she’s very intuitive and has a good memory, or pays attention to me at least).

I don’t go in for terms of endearment – “love”, “dearest”, “baby” etc. I usually address my male friends as “mate” and the female ones as “mate”, or sweetie. One I have reserved though as a kind of ultimate accolade is from one of my favourite films – Ghost – “You’re alright”, as Oda May Brown says to Sam Wheat.

Beck: thanks for sticking by me and believing in me. You’re alright.

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