Six Words



Wetherspoons. Coffee (ten sugars). Cocaine. Bait.

I’m preparing for my Small Sparks grant application, which is at CRI this morning (this is for the netbook). I just need to convince a facilitator, then in three weeks’ time, a panel.


Looking good. Apperently all application structured like mine in the last year or so have been approved on merit. I was also advised that as I’m £60 below the maximum sum of a permitted grant, I should find things to spend that on. So I’m getting some journals, pens and business cards as well.


Me. Two girls. For the night.

I spent a large part of the evening with my friend Courtenay and her mate Leanne. Leanne has given me a veritable book of McDonald’s discount vouchers (cheers mate). I needed to drop into Gilbert Arse and the ladies came with me. Although Leanne was a bit spooked by the place, Courtenay thought it was “cool” (she’s not right). She also thought my writing corner was “sweet” (she’s not right).

I found (didn’t steal) a Nokia Lumia 520 tonight. I tried handing it in but was advised that the owner would probably fuck (disable) it remotely, thus rendering it worthless.

Keep it? Sell it?Fuck it! 


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