I can’t sleep. The rain is hammering down on the skylight, so I’m at my desk, writing (this).

I’m also solving Sudoku puzzles, solving and compiling crosswords (I do that too: I like to keep an active brain). And playing word games:

It occurred to me ages ago that there are quite a few three-letter words which anagramise three ways. Three letters; three words; 3×3 words I call them:

  • Ate, eat, tea
  • Tan, ant, nat
  • Rat, tar, art
  • Cat, tac, act
  • Won, own, now
  • One, noe, eon

(A six-word story using just 3×3 words: Cat ate rat. One won tea).

I can only think of one 4×4 word:

Evil (and live, veil and vile).

Anyone, anyone?

I spoke to Dan again earlier, at length. We reminisced; we laughed; I cried. I’m glad we spoke though and I hope we will again soon. I still maintain a glimmer of hope in the candle which still burns. I’m confused but glad that we’re back in irregular contact.

Dan says that Thursday is going to be difficult for her too (our anniversary) and I’ve made her a promise: to not drink that night. I asked her to do me a favour too: to fall asleep while hugging my pillows and remember her friend. She said she often does.

I couldn’t get into The Line of Beauty in the end (not a euphemism: the book), so I’ve returned it. I’ve borrowed two more books: Travels in the Scriptorum, by Paul Auster (my favourite author, so no problem getting into that one) and Adam Robots, by Adam Roberts. Sci-fi is a genre I’ve neglected and this is a collection of 24 short stories, so it’ll be a good foot in.

I like to explore; I like words.

Especially words like these: 

“Just a Small Town Girl – you’ll be ok.
You’re alright.”

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