Every day You Walk



Every day you walk with stronger step…

I spoke to Dan again (so glad we can get on as friends): she was watching Les Miserables and was upset, because it has that effect and because we used to watch it regularly together. She can’t watch it without thinking of me.

Empty charis and empty tables.

At the end of the day you’re another day older.

One more day.

I’d give pretty much anything for just a couple of hours with Dan, back at the flat we shared, watching Les Mis and crying in one another’s arms.

(We’re both dreading Thursday: our anniversary).

I’ve said a final farewell to my ex-girlfriend, who I thought I’d moved on from Dan with. Maybe the dust will settle eventually but for now I need as few distractions as possible, especially as I’m still having to deal with some persistant tormentors.

For the record, I was not responsible for almost destroying my ex-parents’ marriage of 47 years: for starters, most of the love in that relationship had drained away about 20 years ago; they just didn’t move on: not my fault and procrastination is obviously an inherited trait. But also, if anything, I brought them closer together by being the common foe.

And the knife: when I referred to on-board protection in a previous post, I was talking about my pen knife: a legal blade.

These people who hound me really are plastic police and defective detectives as they’re no good.

Have a six-word story:

Six months to live: happy now? 

La Folie.

“No noise accompanies my parting

No wasted moments for us

Waiting for an uncertain reunion

Because I’m mad; yes, it’s madness”

Hopefully I have a tonic to counter the poison tomorrow as I’ve tentatively arranged to meet Bec. She’s my good friend.

And it’s the nice people like Becca who keep me going, while I try to ignore the tormentors who impede my progress. They’re gone.

…You walk with longer step. The worst is over.” 

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