Over to You

I do not mention these things in order to put myself in a sympathetic light. No-one has to feel sorry for me and no-one has to make excuses for the erros I committed in the aftermath of events past. I am a man, not an angel and if the grief that overtook me accasionally blurred my vision and led to certain lapses of conduct, that in no way should cast doubt on the truth of my story. Before anyone tries to discredit me by pointing to those stains on my record, I come forward of my own free will and openly pronounce my guilt to the world. These are treacherous times and I know how easily perceptions can be twisted by a single word spoken into the wrong ear. Impugn a man’s character and everything that man does is made to seem underhanded, suspect, fraught with double motives. In my own case, the flaws in question stemmed from pain, not malice; confusion, not cunning. I lost my way…

(Paul Auster)

One thought on “Over to You

  1. Hi Steve, I met you in the waiting room on Tonbridge Station on thursday evening. I’m so impressed by the way you have turned the burden of misfortune into something very constructive. I haven’t read all of your writings yet but am going to do so… I look forward to finding you next time I get stuck between trains! Tessa


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