Satan, Oscillate my Metallic Sonatas



Tonight I met Venessa and Hannah (a palindromic name) and they asked me for a poem, as I was struggling to know what to write:

Vanessa and Hannah
Gave me a spanner
To fix the machine
which was my stalled brain
Thinking of what to write
It’s working again

I’m sitting up writing while my mate Tom is crashed in the bedroom (I can’t sleep with him). I’m writing by the light of a candle given to me by my good friend Kien. He’s the one who’s sorting out my Nokia Lumia 520. So far he’s installed Windows 8 and he’s in the process of putting all my software and apps on there from the iPhone. I’m also going to ask him to install flappy Birds.

Not much to report as I’ve been busy, including having a very long chat with the manager of an establishment which I frequent and for whom I should be working soon. Keep watching.

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