Another Day

(By Kien Tran):

I woke up from a shallow sleep
on the concrete
Sometimes it’s a pavement, bush or bench:
wherever I lay my hat

I slept with one eye open
I lasted the night
I’m wondering if I’ll eat today
I’m searching for a nine to five
and hoping I might stay alive
another day

I’ll hit the computers at the library;
write a few verses of poetry;
keep myself busy
I’ll talk to fans who know me

Being on the road strengthens my resolve
My mentality, fractured
but I’m on this road: my reality

I’ll sleep again
through the dark
And wake up
to the cold light
of another day

There’ll be sun



Working Like a Dog



I’m in Wetherspoons, waiting for my mate Becca. I’m having a fucking pint! I’ve been working all day and this is my first and probably only drink.

I’ve completed an online job application and seem to have sailed through the aptitude and psychometric tests, so now it’s over to them. It’s just the stereotypical flipping burgers but I do find that quite romantic. And it’s a foot in the door of the catering industry, will look good on my CV, help me with housing and keep me out of trouble. Fingers crossed.

I got some new clobber today: smart white shirts and a black blazer. I look and feel pretty good. Bec just arrived and commented on how smart I look.

This evening will cost nothing as I scored a couple of errands and charged my usual commission.

The Nokia Lumia Project is progressing and the next job is to make my iPhone SIM into a micro SIM. Apparently this can be done by simply physically cutting the thing down but the prospect unnerves me a little. I trust Kien though (my business partner).


I’m up at ridiculous O’Clock, having gone to bed at 2.30 this morning and not being able to sleep as Tom snores for England.

When I applied for the job, one of my considerations was whether I could hold it down whilst still writing. is now up (albeit only in template form) and is already parked. I only tend to sleep for around four hours per night though, so I should find working for someone and myself relatively easy. I’ve done 20-hour days before, on a regular basis.

So now I’m killing time at my desk, writing; until McDonald’s opens at 7, so I can get a coffee to wake me up. Some of the time murdered was in cleaning my writing desk and sorting out my books. After The Brooklyn Follies (Paul Auster), it’s The Cusrious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, by Mark Haddon.

Lots more to do: edit one website and set up another; lots more besides.

Working like a dog.