No Cure For Cancer

I really shouldn’t waste the time I’m about to waste on people who are a waste of time (and space and Oxygen) themselves but I have to because myths which they’re perpetuating will otherwise be spread.
I have now been accused of sitting on the steps behind McDonald’s, drinking Special Brew. Apparently I was spotted and reported (my tormentor has spies). Firstly, I don’t drink lager. I drink cider as I need to (my body needs it). I can stop when I’m busy and that’s a conversation which myself and my potential employer have had. I’ve also spoken to my key worker about this and he believes me, to the extent that he’s asked if I even need detox.

So, dear tormentors and detractors: please leave me alone and get on with your lives instead of interfering and trying to run mine. I can do so myself. Leave me alone, then contact me in a few months time and I’ll have proven myself; not that I should have to. This will no doubt be branded bullshit and I await the abuse but shall not react. I have had it with you people and am only writing this to make my case to those who the wicked rumours may have reached through your spreading and stirring.

I may be a little down on my luck but I will get better. Alas, there’s no cure for certain personalities.

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