Lost for Words

I really don’t have much to say today, other than that I’m fed up.

  • I’m still mourning past relationships, which I screwed up or which were screwed by both parties
  • I miss my kids and haven’t even had return letters from them
  • I’ve received more verbal beatings based on untruths and misinformation
  • I’m also mourning the loss of some money, a load of personal belongings and my McDonald’s loyalty card. Trivial I know but it’s the little things
  • I’m worried about a few people but won’t go into that here
  • I’m getting very little sleep as I have other wories but I shan’t go into that either: informative, aren’t I?
  • I have a horrible day ahead tomorrow but I wont mention any more of that now
  • I’m frustrated, as if were able to talk about some of the above, I might actually end up better off: it’s paradoxical (I know this may not make much sense but it does to me

Other than that, I’m fine and there is a bit of a silver lining within the cloud, depending on the outcome of a few things over the next few days and whether I emerge on the other side.

I make my presentation for the netbook / tablet on Wednesday, finally. And I have an interview on Thusday. More on that then.


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