Moving on Out


Pretty much all of yesterday’s business which was hanging over me has been addressed or is being dealt with. Once I’m through this little chapter, I’ll explain.

I couldn’t stay in Tonbridge last night for reasons which may be revealed at a later date. Instead I stayed at an undisclosed location with a friend who’s an ex-Royal Marine. We got a free hot meal courtesy of a soup kitchen, along with overnight bags containing rolls, crisps, buns, cakes and fruit. We got virtually no sleep as we were up most of the night, talking and planning and we both had early starts this morning.

My mate’s issues and past make mine seem trivial by comparison and yet he remains almost permanently positive. I’ve suffered a good few losses lately but nothing on the scale of his. So he refills my glass to half-full, metaphorically.

My morning involved people in professional capacities, getting myself out of a sticky spot and arranging some practical things with the assistance of various organisations: a haircut (I’ll get my Mohawk back), shave, shower; laundry, hot meals (beef casserole and potatoes last night), temporary accomodation and general support. All for free: the morning was productive.

There are a busy few days ahead with travelling and moving things around but it’s all constructive.

Having spent the morning sorting things out, I returned to Tonbridge and to the library, where I’v been writing the journal. I’m now having a coffee break in McDonald’s, mainly because I need to wake up after last night’s sleep deprivation. Then it’s back to the library to send emails, among other jobs. Dinner with my Marine mate again later, then probably an early night. 

Tomorrow is when I finally get to make my presentation in the hope of gaining the grant for my netbook, which will allow me to spend more than the one hour computer time which the library permits daily.

On, up and out more tomorrow.