Having a Go



Despite thinking (hoping) that I might get a lie in this morning, my disfunctional body clock had me awake at first light.

Today is presentation day for the Small Sparks grant applications and as well as the presentation itself, this morning I’ve written some business and product ideas, not related to my historic trades but neat little products which I can make and sell. The materials are cheap, my labout is free but the perceived value of the things I’ve come up with is sufficient to give me some very good profit margins. Starting small – as you do in business – but there are growth plans in the proposal.

As at least one of my detractors has pointed out, Gilbert House Publishing is not a company. This was pointed out to third parties, in such a way as to belittle it and me. I know it’s not a company! I never claimed it was! It’s merely a vehicle (and there’ll be others) as a trading name for me as a sole trader. All above-board and legal. It’s not much (as has been pointed out) but it has involved a degree of work and finance and I have limited means at the moment. I’m trying to make the most of what I have, yet not limiting myself to one venture or job. When I’m working 16-20 hour days, there’s plenty of time to get lots of things done, which is why I need that netbook.

So why do people insist on putting me down and belittling what I’m trying to do? Why not encourage me? Partly because they’re misinformed and some just want to keep me down. If any of them bothered to face me (and none have), they’d see I’m hardly drinking any more and I’m doing my best; what I can with what I have.

I’m trying.

I’m having a go.

From Small Sparks

Captain’s Log, supplementary:

Stardate 26.02.14 (11.42)

The Small Sparks application was successful, so the netbook is on its way.

I also have the offer of a room, laundry and baths as required and nothing has been asked for in return: it’s just a kind gesture from a young lady. I shall insist on cooking to pay my way though, as I like to wear the apron.

And there’s no relationship other than one of mutual convenience, so this time there’ll be no fire from the sparks.

I’ll have a go.

Marine Life



I have an ex-Royal Marine crashed at my dump (as you do), while I have my early evening coffee at McDonald’s. He’s meant to meet me at 7.30, then we’re going for dinner. Knowing how he sleeps though, it’ll probably be dinner for one, then home later to a big, snoring, immovable, un-rousable lump borrowing my bed. I need that crash pad tonight, having had virtually no sleep last night. He also does a very good impression of a starfish when asleep and has a habit of lashing out, so I fear tonight may be another sleep-deprived one as I’m not getting into bed with that. I have my presentation to make tomorrow too.


I’ve returned home from dinner for one and either he’s gone or is very well camouflaged.