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The fear inherent in Tonbridge at the moment has acted as a catalyst to move on. I know I should have done so ages ago and I know you’ve heard it all before. But I stalled, hit upon walls, buried my head, procrastinated, got stuck in a rut, found a comfort zone. Now though, I’m forced to make changes, however uncomfotable those may be. On the evidence of last night though – the first spent in Tunbridge Wells – it’ll be okay.

Stick with me if you wish but please only say nice things if anything at all. I shall do the same and not invite negative comments by demonstrating that I am indeed making moves and hope that I’m believed. I shall focus on the positives and moving forward.

I shan’t dwell on the past:

  • Beatings
  • Burnings
  • Bottling
  • Throttling
  • Death threats
  • The cold, dark and wet conditions
  • Dirty clothes and limited washing facilities
  • Stolen clothes, money and belongings

Moving onto days like today, where things run thus:

  • Woke up in a clean, dry bed
  • Had boiled eggs and a Rocket salad for breakfast
  • Salmon sandwiches on wholemeal bread for brunch
  • Pastrami and horseradish on black rye for lunch
  • Dinner out tonight and a warm bed again

And I acquired a pair of LA Gear boots and a Moss coat; and I’ve got a hairdresser visiting tonight to re-establish my Mohawk: sorted!

What a difference a day makes, with some terror mixed in for good measure and give one a kick; or not as it turns out.

I’m off to get my kids and my life back.

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