For My Mum



I’m having a coffee in Mamma Cafe in Tunbridge Wells. I love it here, in Manna and Tunbridge Wells: so much nicer than Tonbridge and with so many more facilities. I’m safer here.

Mamma’s is attached to a church and it’s an oasis: free coffee (for some of us), gentle music, soothing images on the TV screens, comfortable seating, lovely staff and just one of those rare places where you can relax and stop thinking. Free Wi-fi too.

I’ve had a shave and a haircut (got my Mohawk back); I’ve swapped bracelets with one of my brothers and now I have a bracelet bearing a crucifix, which is somewhat apt because He has been knocking on my door lately and with all of the kindness extended to me, I’ve let him in. I pick up my Bible tonight, when I stay in The Wells again. I have a present for one of my friends: more on that another time.

I’m starting to rebuild the most important bridge which I knew I should and always would: that to my mum. She has not discounted me entirely and she’s agreed to meet me: truth be known, I can’t wait to see the lady I love most in my life.

I’m 43 years old but I’m being born again. 

Life is worth exploring. It was.  

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