On the Rocks



I’m in Wetherspoons with a load of McDonald’s staff and just had half a portion of hot buffalo wings. The blue cheese sauce is delicious and so is the hot sauce but “hot” is putting it mildly. The ramainder of the wings and sauces are boxed up and ready to go another time.

I’m back at Gilbert Arse tonight as the busman’s holiday ended. I miss those boys and I’m wary as I’ve heard (again) that my psycho ex-housemate is at large. As persons unknown have been into our digs during both our absences and – shall we say – not treated the place as they should, I’ve acquired new bed clothes for me and him. I’ve made and saved a bit of money over the last week and whatever I have, I always share. Tonight this included buying dinner (well, burgers) for a couple of friends who otherwise wouldn’t have eaten.

Even though the last week has been a holiday, there’s been little sleep, going to bed at around 2am and being woken up at seven. Therefore I’m knackered and going home with fingers crossed and a knot tied in my hanky.

Life’s a beach.

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