Silence is Platinum

08.03.14 (Day 75)


So, today is day 75, which makes it some sort of milestone (millstone would be more accurate).

I’m sitting at my writing desk in Gilbert House. Here it is:



I’m currently only sharing with Tom (Gilbert House; not the desk) and he’s out collecting, so I have the place to myself. Although I appreciate the company of the housemates, I also enjoy the silence of solitude every now and then.

We cleaned the place up yesterday and now Gilbert House isn’t all that bad. It’s not good – it never will be – but it’s habitable and myself and Tom were there for the evening yesterday, rather than just using it as a place to sleep. We’ve all got designated areas (mine’s the prime location, next to my desk but it was me that found the place, so I’m head of the house).

Later I shall depart for the library, to read The Guardian and New Scientist. There’s a lot of Saturday’s Guardian and the library closes at five, so hopefully time will permit. Thereafter I shall hold court at my office in McDonald’s and run a few errands I have booked to contribute to the Gilbert House kitty.

Normally on a Saturday I’d spend the evening in Wetherspoons but I was robbed (again) last night, so I lack the funds. A night at Gilbert House then, playing chess or cards with whomever else happens to be in residence.

If I’m alone, I shall read, write and enjoy the silence. 

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