12.03.14 (Day 79)


I’ve given this blog up before because I’ve been slagged off by so-called friends, kicked while I’m down and deconstructed by those who are misinformed or deluded. Every time, I’ve picked myself up and started again, much like in life. The kickings have continued though, so it’s time I admit defeat: they won.

I’m giving up the blog as it attracts too much negative attention. I’m concentrating on MY life, on MY own. I’ll continue to write but it’ll be short stories, poems and general fiction. No more blog I’m afraid.

Thank “them”.


2 thoughts on “Purgatory

    • I’ve just received so much abuse from so-called friends mate that I’ve given up.

      I’m still going to write though: returning to short stories, one of which is going up in a minute and dedicated to you, as promised x


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