Own Gaol

21.03.14 (Day 89)


Always the pedant, I like to spell what is commonly spelled “jail” (an Americanism) the English (correct) way.
I’m in my own gaol as I’ve had to move out of Gilbert House, at least temporarily. I made the foolish mistake of letting one of my housemates’ partners know where we stay and they’re a bit like myself and my ex were sometimes: explosive. So the bunker got bombed. I tried to remain man-in-the-middle but ended up very much man-in-the-middle, receiving verbal and physical abuse.
I’m in McDonald’s for a breakfast wrap: bacon and egg with ketchup today as yesterday it was sausage and egg with brown sauce.

Despite the recent switch from coffee, I’ve switched back today as I’ve had next to no sleep because of last night’s fireworks. I’m getting picked up in a minute from the church opposite McDonald’s to go to another church in Tunbridge Wells and help in the kitchen. The church runs  cookery courses for those with limited means  and I’ve volunteered to help tutor the next course as I’m recognised for being creative with a heat source and limited ingredients.

I emailed my mum following the rebuttal I received when I phoned to wish her and dad a happy wedding anniversary. I got a reply saying – among other things – that it will “take years” to rebuild bridges. I’m still not sure what  I did that was so bad to deserve this treatment (and from others too). Ever the diplomat, I pointed out that we may not have “many years”.


Lunch at the church is chicken and broccoli bake with Southern fried chicken on the side: very nice indeed as it happens. We just used tinned soup and some spices for the base sauce.

I’m going to lie low somewhere tonight. I’ve been asked to put a couple of friends up but I no longer have the means. And the people who destroyed Gilbert House were people I’d taken in too: own goal; own gaol.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

20.03.14 (Day 88)


I’m in McDonald’s for my lunchtime coffee. I’m on three a day at the moment: one with breakfast, one at lunchtime and one in the evening. As well as being bloody good coffee, it keeps me awake. And most of the time it’s free. If I get served by certain staff, they give it to me on the house. Other staff collect loyalty stickers for me and obviously I collect them myself; all of which combines to make most coffees free.

I’ve reverted to good old-fashioned pen and paper for writing the journal that forms the basis of the blog. This is for a number of reasons:

  • Things have conspired against me. When using the laptop hub (mains power points) in the library, many websites which are accessible via the public access computers aren’t available: Facebook (and all social networking sites), Gmail (and all web-based email services) and WordPress (and all other blogging sites): the main ones I effing use! The restrictions also include (exclude) all work-around, proxy and mirror sites. So I’m rendered unable to work as I’d planned: nine to five in the library on the netbook. The sites which are blocked (for reasons of “social responsibility”, according to Kent Libraries), are exactly the ones I need to use. So I’m still limited to one hour per day on the library computers. I can work offline and charge up the netbook as I do so, then work online at McDonald’s but I can’t charge up there (here). It’s all somewhat divisional.
  • Having found one of the old hand-written journals (Volume One: Two and Three remain missing by theft), I appreciate being able to leaf through old notes with no fear of losing power. Such a shame that the first two journals were stolen and probably gone for good.
    The hand-written journals contain contributions – messages and drawings from people I’ve met on my travels. I find comfort in these and intend to gain further contributions in Volume Five, which is the one I’m writing (by hand) now.
  • I enjoy the physical act (of writing): it’s therapeutic and it garners conversation which writing on an electronic device simply doesn’t. When writing the old-fashioned way, casual observers will occasionally enquire, ” What are you writing?”


I’m back in McDonald’s having spent the afternoon in the library. The Blackberry Z10 is now listed on eBay. Fingers crossed that it sells as this is Gilbert House Trading’s first listing and therefore we have zero feedback. It was very much a case of weighing things up: sell a load of low-value items to build feedback while time progressed and the value of the phone decreased, or sell the handset ASAP and hope for a good price, despite no feedback. It’ll be at least two weeks before we realise any benefit as the listing lasts for seven days, then a buyer has to confirm that the item has arrived and is as described. Then PayPal fart around and eventually we get paid.

I’m breaking a habit tonight and drinking hot chocolate instead of the usual coffee. It’s taken this long to realise what one of the contributing factors to my insomnia is: that’ll be the three large, strong cups of coffee per day.

My date for tonight may have blown out as Bec has found herself unexpectedly and unavoidably possibly otherwise engaged or indisposed. A shame as I like being with her. She’s good company, she gets me, she likes me and she’s very, very pretty. But I’m used to disappointment.


The Blackberry sold for the Buy it Now price, which was rather huge. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is, so I’m not holding my breath. The buyer is in America and has zero feedback, so I’m exercising caution. One of the conditions of sale is payment received via PayPal prior to despatch of the item. Trusting though I am, I’ve been on the other side so I shall wait until thus it is proved (Quod erat demonstradum).