Slogging, Flogging…

26.03.14 (Day 94)


I’m in McDonald’s, having had brunch (bacon and egg wrap with Ketchup. And coffee; 13 sugars). I’ve been here for three hours (so far), while my netbook and mobile charge, courtesy of my friendly newsagents next door but two. They do that for me, as they realise that my devices give me the means to remain in contact with people, build relationships and conduct business. As well as nice coffee, McDonald’s has free wi-fi.

I spend longer that perhaps I should in McDonald’s but I pay my way, mind my own business and am made to feel more than welcome. As recently as last night, I was told that I’m one of the family. I’ll be Fagin then.

I do get strange looks when the teenage fan club gathers around me but I’m beyond caring about that and so much else. It’s just not worth my time. I do what I feel to be right and if I’m judged, so be it.

Yesterday was a bit of a game-changer, partly because of all the work I’ve been doing voluntarily with the churches in Tunbridge Wells, leading to a meeting with CAB. Yesterday at lunch I was just on the sandwich station but on the next cookery course, I’m tutoring (subject to terms imposed by my helper, which I’ve embraced). Later in the day, I was with my CAB lady and phoned DWP to try once again to sort out my whole fucked-up benefits situation. I lost patience and both my helper and CAB lady sympathised. The latter took over and sorted everything out for me. So that’s nice.

Later today I’m walking to my doctors’ surgery (if my back will hold me). I had said that I’d return to CRI as well but I can only do so much with this back pain. I figure the doctor is more important.

So I’m due some slogging, ignoring the flogging and will stop blogging now as I have other things I need to write: Chapter Three, Two short stories and a letter to a rather important person.

Head, Finger, Back and Feet

24.03.14 (Day 92)
I’m in McDonald’s (as usual) and I’m more miserable as usual as I’m in pain. A lot:
  • Head: I’ve got a bastard of a cold (a medical term). This is the first cold I’ve had since I’ve been out as living as we do tends to build the immune system. I’ve got pressure on my synuses, which is causing my ruptured tear gland (from the bottle I received to the noce) to leak. And a tension headache. And a sore throat.
  • Finger: septic. Swollen. Very red. Very painful. The engagement ring from my ex-girlfriend is strangling the finger. Bolt cutters can’t get it off but I’m not sure I’d want it that way anyway.
  • Back: whilst raising a garage door by standing beneath it and pushing it up with my head (as you do) I’ve managed to compress the cartiledge between two vertebrae.
  • Feet: just sore from all the walking.

And I did phone the doctors’ surgery this morning, starting at eight when the lines open for the day’s appointments. When I finally got through at 8.45, all appointments for the day were gone. And you can only consult on one ailment at a time. So I need many consultations.

And I need to get a sick note, which will help with benefits, which in turn will help with housing. More hoops and barriers though.
My head hurts so much from banging it against a wall that I’m tempted to bury it in the sand again.
Having spent most of the day in the library, I’m back in McDonald’s for my third coffee of the day.
I’m reading: Adam Robots, by Adam Roberts. This is one of the books which went missing but which has now been returned via a rather convoluted route. I’m still reading The Curious Incident but Adam Robots is a collection of short stories, so I can dip in and out.
Writing wise, I’m plotting Chapter Three of the Victor and George Story and it’s coming together well.