These Boots

27.03.14 (Day 95)


I’m in McDonald’s (part of the family), having a lunch time coffee.

Me: “Good morning.”
Georgia: “Coffee Steve?”
“Yes please.”
“You’d better grab your 16 sugars.”
“But I only have 13.”
“16 Steve: it’s a large one.”

Consider yourself at home.

Despite my back, I made it up a long, gradual hill to the doctors’ earlier, to collect my sick note, register permanently and arrange for my notes to be transferred from Sidcup. I made it thanks to my beloved faithful Cherry Reds: my DM boots, which I was complemented on yesterday and which prompted a conversation with a gentleman of a certain age about Punk and Ska music (or the movement: almost a religion in fact) where my roots lie. I’m not a fashion victim but I was also complimented on how good I looked: Cherry Reds, drainpipe black jeans, black Fred Perry polo shirt, grey cardigan and my trademark hat.

I also decided to have a new piercing, courtesy of my friend Rich, who does literally backstreet piercings out the back of his shop. I now have a safety pin through my ear as a nod towards my punk roots and a crucifix attached to it as a nod towards him upstairs.
I’m working again tomorrow, in the soup kitchen at one of the churches in Tunbridge Wells where I help out and where I’ll be mentoring soon. Just voluntary for now but it’s all about job satisfaction for me at the moment and it will eventually lead to other things. So work and benefits are sorted; housing next.

On the way back from the doctors’, I passed the pub where in 1986 I suffered my fatal accident. No-one there now was working (or born) way back then but they have contacts and are going to seek witnesses to the event for me. I’m writing my memoirs and want to speak to someone who saw what happened on that key date as I don’t remember it. Also on the way back, I spoke to a driver of a 222 bus – the route I used to take from home in Ightham to school – and I’ve blagged a lift one day. I’m also planning a trip to Sidcup as Danielle has agreed to see me and I need to collect various things. It’ll be difficult but also nice; nice to see the love that was my life.
Now I just need to get there but even if I can’t do so by bus or train, my faithful Cherry Reds will take me there.

2 thoughts on “These Boots

  1. Steve if you ever need a FREE lifet to Sidcup to see Danielle let me know – I’m on hols from today (1st) but I will be returning on 22nd April.Take care until then. PP


    • I will actually take you up on that my friend, provided it’s not relevant to today’s date. I know what a card you can be (or something beginning with “C” ;)) Whenever is convenient for you and obviously subject to prior arrangement with herself. You’ll get some good fares Sidcup, excluding me.

      You sir are a gentleman.


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