Hoops, Hurdles and Pot Noodles

29.03.14 (Day 97)


Operation Gilbert House clear up is on hold for a day as my back will not stand the bending down and lifting required of the job. I’ve either slipped a disc or compressed one. In either case, it fucking hurts to just sit up, walk, turn around, get into a car…

The back is one of the many things I need to visit the doctor with, as opposed to leaving my back behind. I also need to provide DWP with details of all of my hospital visits and the dates thereof, once my records are received in Tonbridge from Sidcup. I assumed things would be more joined-up but apparently this is something I need to do myself. So, visits, admissions and stays over the last two years which I need to get definite dates for:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken toe (twice)
  • Getting bottled
  • Taking too many of the wrong kind of pills
  • Mental health assessment (hah!)

So more flaming hoops and spiked hurdles to overcome. But it will eventually lead to a more permanent set-up than Gilbert House and with that will come luxuries I miss, like TV, the ability to cook and even electricity and running water. I gain access to most through various means but only temporarily.

Oh for a kettle and the ability to make a Pot Noodle (which incidentally, I’ve heard may contain various unpalatable ingredients but which I’ve checked: not poodle). I am very inventive and creative with limited ingredients and cooking media (which is why I’m due to mentor in the soup kitchens) but just the simple pleasure of that slag of hot snacks is one of the many little things which I miss and crave. I’ve mentioned that I miss my ex-fiancé (and girlfriend, wife, parents, family, kids…) and one of the last things I did for Danielle was provide a romantic dinner for two, when I’d lost the business and had no money: a shoe box, containing two Pot Noodles, two pairs of chopsticks and a tea light: ever creative and ever the romantic; that’s me.

One day more (Les Miserables) and soon I’ll be over the hurdles, through the hoops and able to cook for a special someone again.

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