Get the Message

03.04.14 (Day 102)


I like a cryptic crossword and I like writing clues and burying them.

1. Oi! Put that back and push in the hidey hole if you want a dip (10)

No sign of himself, so I’m crashing out for a few hours, with a clear conscience having waited up and lighter pockets, having spent money on the house and guests, with no reward or return. But I’m fine with that.

Having spent so much in Hospice in the Weald, with little means of eating, drinking or smoking and given that the sponsored thing is in keeping with the charity being supported, I plan to spend the weekend in bed, pretending to be dead.

My branch of Christianity holds that Jesus wasn’t begat by God but that he was a bloke who wandered around, doing tricks and telling stories. Some would say that he was a conman or a confidence trickster.

2. Unwell and confused, tells linesman (6,7)

Who said I was cryptic?

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