The Little Things

10.04.14 (Day 109)


A little post:

Anything and everything which may or may not have happened today has been superseded and is overshadowed by one simple act of I don’t know what to be honest: kindness, understanding, sympathy. It matters not.

Top line, middle line and bottom line: I get to see my kids sooner than I thought I might. There was a six-month wait imposed upon me by my ex-wife but the demon I knew has become an angel; lifted a weight from my chest but placed one upon my shoulders. And I’m grateful. Three months is within much easier reach than six. As it turns out, her and the kids are having to re-locate. That’s a bridge to cross.

I came into a little money last night and spent most of it on the children today. I am still their daddy and they do come first when I have the means. Just little things but it’s those which count.

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