Shadows Fall

15.04.14 (Day 14)


In the places we used to know…

People I may not mention: ghosts; shadows of the past. Shadows of their former selves as they’ve gone down in my estimation and my never get back up.

Welcome to my world. Barriers: physical, mental; tickets, please?

I’m having breakfast in McDonald’s before what has promised me it will be a long and arduous day. Another atempt at sorting out the benefits I’m entitled to BECAUSE I’M ILL AND SIGNED OFF! A lot of walking with a back which may not hold up (spinal injury), only to have things screwed up yet again.

The only reason I’m able to get to Tunbridge Wells and endure this is thanks to a donation from one of the ghosts. In the envelope containing the train fair given to me, there was also a note, questioning my integrity: “If you’re talking the truth, you are unbelievably unlucky.” I am and I am.

The latest robbery DID HAPPEN! If only the ghosts had been there. They wouldn’t last a day out here. Yes, I’ve lied in the past but I do so no longer. Indelibly marked it would seem. I have witnesses to the theft and there will be indelible evidence once things have been dealt with out here.

The ghosts and shadows are of the past, as is yesterday. Today is yet another day and this too shall pass.

Could someone shed some light on this love afair?

The damaged one is you old son.

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