Victor Frank Walked

28.04.14 (Day 127)


The blog is finished; the journal too. My thoughts now are with my other half (who’s 35-years-old).

I grew tired of the negative comments I received from so-called friends and supporters: they did nothing but drive me into the ground. But I picked myself up and dusted myself off, yet again. They can’t keep me down though.

I’ve got my girl now. We’re okay. We’ve got a flat. I’m working. I did it with the help of people who remained by my side. Me and my girl don’t have much time. We’re walking, together. FTW (double meaning: get it).

I’ll carry on. I’ll continue to write for as long as I can. Just not here.

New beginnings.

I’m off to get my kids back too.


Victor. Frank. Always.


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