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09.06.14 (Day 169)

Bringing things up to date:

I’m chilled, in my own space, writing at my desk.

Two of my lieutenants are installing a sound system as I write. I found some ear plugs earlier.

I’m also in receipt of my Sennheiser headphones, looked after by my ex-partner in Sidcup, like so many of my other belongings which she’s keeping safe. I miss that life still but I have this one now. So I have the therapy of writing and the restorative powers of music to hand.

The visit to Bromley to see my children is now 19 days away, as is my return to Bexley, my friends, my ex-partner and the poker scene. All would be good were it not for the fact that the usual authorities are making the usual fuck ups: benefits up in the air again (DWP being helpful as ever), an inability to gain a sick note through a doctor; same old, same old.

As well as using my own space to write, I’m able to read in relative peace as well. I finished Leviathan by Paul Auster a couple of days ago and have borrowed one of my previous attempts to read from the library again: Adam Robots by Adam Roberts; a collection of science fiction short stories. A bit hit and miss but very engaging for the most part. Next on the reading list is another Paul Auster volume: Invisible.

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