Strange Days Indeed

14.06.14 (Day 174)


What an odd night: with The Jackal (the noisy one) and Mutley (the quieter one) out, it was just myself, The Dog and The Courts here. We all crashed at around 11pm and a quiet night lay ahead, with the prospect of a lie-in this morning. The best laid plans of mice…

My other half had said that she’s be round at some point before the day was out. She was: at 11.50. So we all sat up chatting until one O’clock this morning, then we crashed. Again.

At four AM in the morning, I was carried away by a moonlight shadow. We spoke on the phone and exchanged texts until 7am, by which time The Dog was awake. We chatted some more. So I have about three hours’ sleep in my tanks.

The Dog has now gone out with phones and chargers to re-establish our links to the outside world.

The Courts is sleeping. Once she’s awake and The Dog is back, The Courts and me are going into town. We have much to do, including shopping for dinner.

It’s Saturday, so a treat is in order. The usual one pot wonder will be a flying fart-in-a-pan: minute steak baguettes (rare steak, of course). All made possible by the camping stove donated by The Mothership and The Filth disconnecting our electricity. But you can’t beat us.

The steaks will be garnished with either onions, horseradish, or ketchup. Or we do have the bees’ nest in the garden: most peculiar honey.

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