Of Kids

16.06.14 (Day 176)


A Loveliness is the collective noun for ladybirds. I knew this anyway but it was the subject of a question just now on The Round Britain Quiz on Radio 4 earlier.

Collective nouns are most commonly associated with birds; the best-known of which being a gaggle (of geese) and a murder (of crows). With avian species, the nouns differ from those collected on the ground and in flight. Collective nouns also apply to fauna which is ground-dwelling by nature: a pride of lions being the best known example. My favourite and most endearing being giraffes: a tower.

Is there a collective noun for kids? An annoyance? A coronary?

I’m playing host to a few of the regulars and to avoid the annoyance or coronary, I’ve retired. To my room, which is out-of bounds to them all but they come in anyway: kids! That’s the way it is; that’s the way they are.


I didn’t make my latest induction with CRI because our home was at risk and so was I, as I saw my one-time aggressor, who warned me away before. CRI were supposed to have sorted this. So I spent the time that I was meant to be at CRI in the library, getting books out for The Courts: the complete collection of Roald Dahl: should keep her going for five minutes; not that she speed-reads but such is her attention span.

I’ve got it! The collective noun for kids: a toweriness.

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