In the Full Doghouse

21.06.14 (Day 181, still)

This the last weekend here. The last weekend on Grievers’ Estate; in The Nut House; the family home, with The Pink Hearts; at “Steve’s”.

Today was one of the dates given to me by my ex-wife to see my biological kids. I had a choice of this weekend or next and I chose next. I should be better off financially next weekend and it’s next Saturday that I’ve provisionally arranged to revisit Bexley, albeit with a certain amount of trepidation. As long as I can hide behind some cards and a deep stack of chips at a poker table if I feel awkward, I’ll be okay.

Before next weekend, I’ll make sure I get plenty of games in with my young prodigy: The Courts. On Wednesday, when we’re likely to have to vacate this den of many things, I may stay with The Dog for a few days. He has his own place but stays here to keep me company. After Bromley and Bexley next Saturday, I may continue into town as I’ll have a Travel card and London is my spiritual home. If Bexley goes well, perhaps I’ll play some poker in the West End.

There are lots of people expecting me in Bexley for different reasons. My old local could be a full house. For now we’re expecting a house full here today. The girls will be coming to see The Dog.


One of the family tells me that yesterday’s planning meeting with the council resulted in the application for redevelopment of this place being declined.

Could it be that we’re here? Could it be that objections from concerned local residents are on the grounds of us being here, not against the propose development? I suspect so and that it’s just a case of waiting for Wednesday.

I need to get hold of the minutes from the meeting.

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