Of Days Gone By

21.06.14 (Day 181)


The conclusion of today’s correspondence with various agencies and support networks is that the Possession Order on our family home will most likely be granted when the case goes to court on Wednesday.

So we’ll be out; over; finished; closed. I shall save the eulogising for then and the reminiscing for after (obviously).

For now, I have  a rare moment alone, in what was once my home but which was taken over. I’m writing with pen and paper by candle light.

A few of the kids were round earlier but as our closing date gets nearer, they become fewer and less frequent in their visits. The loyal ones remain with us until the end. They’re the ones I’ll miss the most.

I’m alone because The Dog has taken The Courts to the park. My assumed other half has gone with them. I’m too tired, being of a certain age. Dog’s doing me a favour by taking the girls out, so that I can get some sleep. The girls always follow The Dog. I trust him with my girls. He’s promised to bring his sister – my daughter – back safely.

We have guests due later and most will be here to see The Dog. I’m off to sleep, perchance to dream of younger days.

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