The Shipping Forecast


A ghost from the recent past just returned: a ghost ship back to harbour. A welcome return in some respects but also a ship which I hope sets sail soon as it’s taken on a passenger I’d rather didn’t board. Hopefully the ship will sail in the night but I fear it’s docked for a while.

Another one of my cryptic paragraphs, which may make sense when I read it back with the benefit of hindsight. Or it may not.

The guns are firing loudly from the harbour. A few of the docked ship’s tugs just set sail but the ship remains docked, with my passenger on board. I wish she could find the lifeboat, or just jump and I’d throw her a life ring.

I’m in my room, seeking solace in Radio 4.

My Shipping forecast – or rather, what I hoped for – happened: the ship set sail and was boarded by pirates. Our heroine jumped overboard and swam ashore.

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