Angelic Upstarts



“Last night another soldier…”

Lyrics from a song by The Angelic Upstarts: a band from my punk days, before most of my kids were born. Punk remains in the heart regardless of age and my safety pin remains through my ear.

The Angelic Upstarts are still going, like me. And so are my kids: Angelic Upstarts all of them. The Pink Hearts, watched over by a fallen angel with broken wings and a broken heart. Always.

The kids are gone now. I miss them. But one in particular leaves the biggest hole in my heart: my Courts. Mine because of what we had planned.

I’ll hold the press there as she’s come home again.


We had a bit of a farewell: The Courts, The Dog, The Jackal, Mutley, myself and a few welcome guests, in my room as it’s the only one really fit for human habitation left. We played some poker, had some drinks and food, then bade each other farewell. It was emotional.

And now my Courts has finally gone for good. For her own good in the long run. I can’t say it feels very good for me but it’s the best thing for my little girl.

She was a big part of my life. I helped many of the others in my own way but The Courts was the one I took under my broken wing. She wasn’t a distraction or some kind of project; she was my foster daughter to be.

But she’s gone and my world is an emptier place without my potty-mouthed, wayward, wilful little thing.

“Goodbye old man.”

“Goodbye young lady.”

“Last night another child…”

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