Measured Treasuries

22.06.14 (Day 182)


In the early hours of this morning, I was at an undisclosed location in southeast London playing poker. As you do. I needed to repay a debt. I was staked, won a load and paid off the debt. Job done.

Then one of the players I’d rinsed wanted to win his money back. I had to get home. As a result of my protecting home and those therein, I’m now even more pretty than I was.

I could have got re-staked but I needed to get home and I did get home, with a few dents and scratches. Such is the game.

Right now I’m on Courts watch. She got into a spot of bother earlier (not of her making), was picked up and was obliged to return to her official carer. I suspect she’ll turn round and walk away. I know my girl.


She’s home

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