When the Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows
13.07.14 (Still)
I’m supposed to be going for a rare evening out: dinner with friends; in fact parents of one of the family kids. The wind blows ill though as there’s news of an impending visit. Nothing bad as far as I know but I need to be here to deal with things, including the kids of course.
And of course it’s the kids that make this place. They make it their own and it’s made a few of them. Occasionally the place gets used as a playpen but the young ones need to let off steam and be with their peers. I make it a safe environment for them; another reason I need to be here.
Some of them sleep here; not overnight but the odd nap during the day because some of them don’t sleep well in their first homes and feel safe to do so here. All in my room of course as that’s where everyone congregates now that the living room is effectively out of use. But I let them use my room as they like coming to this place, to see each other and me. But we won’t be here for ever.
When the bough breaks…

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