You Want Flies With That?

You Want Flies With That?
13.07.14 (Day 203)
I’m nursing more injuries. These are self-inflicted, or rather I’ve managed to make the existing ones worse.
We had a few of the family round yesterday and I was well cared for while I rested up my cracked ribs. I was brought a newspaper (Saturday Guardian of course), food and drink. I shared some of the latter with the kids and The Dog fed himself too. For the most part, we were in my room: the one room I try to keep clean and tidy as I gave up clearing up after everyone else in the other rooms. The living room is still there (just) but the kitchen and bathroom may as well not be. I’m home alone at the moment as The Dog is off the lead but I have plenty of company from flies. Not the best conversationalists but I do feel pretty shit at the moment, so I can understand the attraction.
So this morning, following yesterday (as it would), with no-one else to do it, I decided to tidy. In doing so, I managed to twist my sprained ankle, which in turn permitted a rather dramatic fall onto a table. Of all the furniture in this room, that little table had the greatest comedy value for a pratfall. No-one was here to see it, so as with the proverbial trees in the wood that don’t make a sound when they fall if no-one’s there to hear them, I shall pose a similar paradox: if Steve makes a tit of himself when no-one’s there to see it, is Steve actually a tit? No-one saw the fall apart from the flies and one of the kids is bringing fly spray round later, so there’ll be no remaining witnesses.
So I’m back in bed, writing this on my phone and the collective resources we have within the family permit me to upload. The formatting of paragraphs and so on sometimes doesn’t quite work when doing things this way but the blog is still legible and hopefully coherent.
And I have the means to continue as my recent hiatus and the netbook losing about 30 pages of copy (still in hand-written form) and the netbook itself being a bit functionally challenged (shit, not used for a while and therefore attracting flies) meant that I had no readers. There was nothing to read. Now that we’re back, I’m gaining new readers: one recent addition to the family whose parents have opined that they’ve noticed a change for the better in their daughter; a new addition who thought me an inspiration. This in addition to the kids and their parents who see what we do here. We’re not replacements but supplements. Unfortunately I’ve heard that one of the kids whose parents didn’t understand is in a bad way because they’ve been taken out of this family home and away from the family they love.
Other readers include the owner of this property, his legal team and the police. The owner complimented me on my writing and all parties continue to maintain the status quo. So I’m doing something right and am recognised.
The kids are here, like flies

3 thoughts on “You Want Flies With That?

      • I know that but the way he writes is very clever and sometimes the blogs are funny in away,I do know him personally and am helping out in anyway possible ie cooking dinner everyday and visiting any chance I can to keep him company.


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