Rubber Banned

Rubber Banned
15.07.14 (Day 205)
I have a clingy thingy on my arm.
It’s a bracelet made from those rubber band things that all the kids are into these days. This one was made for me by the one closest to me. I’d go out and be seen with it on my arm but for the fact that I’m having to keep a low profile. There are reasons for that but to reveal them would kind of not help the low profile-keeping that I’m supposed to be doing. Cryptic: me?
I used to compile cryptic crosswords and my signature was to make the first two clues across form a pun or play on words, much like the concise crossword in The Daily Telegraph. For example:
1. Erases one who works with brass (6)
2. Prohibited group, we hear (6)
This will be complete hat stand to those not familiar with cryptic clues but the answers:
1. Rubber
2. Banned
My crosswords were further enhanced by having titles which were clues to the first two across answers; in this case, “Unprotected Sex”. That one never happened.
Others were published though and I followed all the rules: 15×15 grid, symmetrical across at least one diagonal axis (preferably both) and not too many “Lights” (unconnected white squares). Confused? My solvers were, even though I always obeyed the other cardinal rule of the compiler by being cryptic but not too cryptic, allowing them to see what I was suggesting. See?
So, this clingy thingy on my arm: I’ve tried making one but just couldn’t get one to look as good as the one I have.
Those fucking rubber things are banned here

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