Synopsis and Synapses

Synopsis and Synapses
01.08.14 (Day 222)
“This page has been left intentionally blank”: a term I used to happen upon often, back in the days of employment in corporate finance print. So many stories I could tell from those days – once upon a time – and others more recent but some pages do need to be left intentionally blank. There are days recently that I’d rather forget but the point of this is so that I don’t, so here are some pages:
This writing is prescribed therapy and it’s something I’ve not practiced for a while as there’s been too much going on for this messed up head of mine to deal with. I reached boiling point and scared myself. Another prescribed therapy is CBT (more fucking letters), hence the metaphorical blank pages: I thought ill of myself but was being unfair. Literally, it wasn’t me, it was the others.
Others have defended me lately. Those close to me who can see me deteriorating, partly through being treated unfairly. Unfortunately, the accused then come to the defence (me) and I have to deal with it.
Synopses are usually on the back cover of a book but this is at the front of Volume Six of the hand written notes (ever the rebel and bucking trends). It needs to be a summary as I’m pushed for time. Literally, again as the owner of this place paid a visit earlier and has given us a rough date. Rough is what it will be. Thanks kids and farewell. You’ll be okay and so will I. Trust me. You always did.
Blood, sweat and tears. A shame no-one understood. Never forget.
It’s a shame that we had to exclude some but I was breaking down. I still am. So is our little sanctuary, where you all came to be comfortable and safe. The builders are coming. They were here all the time as we rebuilt lives.
No tears please. Make the most of the short time we have left. And know that I’m proud of you; my kids.
Be inspired. You all have talents, most un-tapped. You’ll grow into them. You’re wonderful people and my closest friends.
I’ll probably go to London. I’ll continue the journey.
The world is your oyster young ones and it’s a better place for you lot.
This page has been intentionally written.
I have an Oyster card.
I had chances but didn’t take them. Now it’s option 4.
Call me: it’s 4 for Dignitas, followed by the hash key.

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