Slug and Pocket

11.10.14 (Day 293)


What did the slug say to the snail? “Big Issue mate?

I have a plug. Here it is:

I wasn’t able to get the contact@ email address but I’ve got and as a personal email address: that’s me and this is my new venture.

RAH Flyer-page-0

So that’s the flyer and the business card designed and awaiting delivery from the printer. I don’t do print any more. I do what I enjoy: work with food and people.

The encouragement I’m receiving from supporters who recognise that I’m getting better is especially encouraging as they know I can do this and have confidence in me. Some have even invited me to cater for them. The business brain never died; it was just asleep. Well now I’m awake.

And unlike a slug, this has legs. People think it’s a great idea; an excellent concept. I thought it through and that’s why I’m working twelve hour days on the thing.

It’s a little thing for now but it will grow, much like the wife, who’s one of my keenest supporters. I spotted a gap in the market and decided to fill it. If the plug fits… And it will.

Money in the pocket.

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