Roadkill Pig Sandwich

Sarnies with interesting fillings

From Restaurant at Home

Things you can do yourself. We like to share.

Sausage (minced-up pig) and caremelised onion with mustard ketchup (the blood and guts):

(Makes four Roadkill Pig sandwiches)

Cook some sausages in the oven (two per person / sandwich)

Cut some onions (3-4) coarsely and caremelise in a pan in lots of butter, a little oil and a teaspoon of sugar (brown is best). About 30 minutes on a low heat

Mix approx. 4 tablespoons ketchup with one teaspoon English mustard for the sauce

Assemble the sandwich. White or brown bread: either is fine, as is granary. Baps or baguettes too

You really don’t need us to make this stuff for you but we believe in karma and what goes around, comes around. So when you need an at-home restaurant experience, contact us:

07955 306667

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