Garlic Bread Spread to Keep the Vampires Away (and Pizza)

From the Restaurant at Home cook book:

This is a total cheat treat. It’s garlic toast and piss easy to make. Serve it with pasta dishes, or as a snack on its own as a toast pizza.

Garlic Toast

(Makes 4 slices)

Crush some fresh garlic (one clove per slice) and mix with butter (about one tablespoon per slice of bread). Spread the garlic butter on bread (thick sliced white is best) To make it even easier, sprinkle dried garlic (to taste) on buttered bread. Add dried parsley or mixed herbs if you like

Drizzle some cooking oil in a baking pan and place the bread, buttered side up (really!) in the pan

Cook in the oven at 190c for 7-10 minutes: heat it, then eat it

For toast pizza, add cheese (Mozzarella is best but Cheddar is fine), a thin spread of tomato puree and your choice of toppings (tomato, ham, salami, bacon, peppers… all fine)

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