Chicken Mass Dinner (Sandwich)

From the Restaurant at Home sandwich menu

Chicken stuffing sandwich

One of the boss’s wife’s favourites (she likes a mouth full):

This is good for using up left over roast chicken. It’s like a Christmas dinner but with chicken instead of turkey and jam (yes, jam) in place of cranberry sauce.

For the filling:

Chicken (no, really). White or brown meat are equally good
Jam (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant or apricot are best)
Sausages or sausage meat, for the stuffing; or stuffing
Seasoning (salt and ground black pepper)
Any left overs from the Sunday roast (broccoli, sprouts; even potatoes: sort of bubble & squeak. Add some cold, congealed gravy too for that full lunch-in-a-sandwich thing)
For the bread:

Bread (white, brown, granary; ciabatta, baps or rolls: all are fine)

Butter the bread and put the filling between two slices. Serve as is, or toasted

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