Never Judge a Blog by its Cover Story

12.11.14 (Day 325)


Sometimes it takes a lot of reading to find out what is actually written between the covers of a book. Of course it does.

Sometimes I have to fold things up and keep them to myself; keep them in my pocket, up my sleeve or in my head. Or rather, I used to.

The time approaches.

There are things not written here which only myself and a very close inner circle know about. But in much the same way that I say RTFB so that I can tell everyone everything, there remain secrets. Myself and one other person share a secret: several in fact. The key to that secret is a number which only myself and that person know. Other things I can share with that person and one other. The clues are in the writing. The notes I’ve written; the words I used which will only come into context when certain people get together and compare notes.

Some people think they’re close to me but they’re not as close as they could or should be. Not as close as they’d like to be and not as close as I will let them be. To be that close to me could be dangerous: it could endanger them.

It’s like a puzzle: when I move on, certain people have information. Alone, those individual pieces of information mean little. Together, they all add up to make an answer. I’ve made sure that the right people have the correct pieces of information. I know that those people will come together and compare notes on me. Some of those people don’t even know that they have what I’ve given them. They will.

And I have a lot of secret information on others, including email addresses which I’ve set up for some of my inner circle and which only they have access to.

The time will come. People will understand. Very soon.

Me and my blog will finally give up our secrets.

On Judgement Day.

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